Public Interest Design Levant (PID) is a non-profit and multidisciplinary organization operating at the intersection of design-thinking and entrepreneurship. PID aims to create shared value to catalyze needs-based development grounded by research and interaction with stakeholders, following a human centered approach.

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Urban Planning

Tactical Urbanism

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Walid Dagher


Urban Planning



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Rita J. Harbie


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A world of self-regulating communities.

We believe a community is a group of individuals that share at least one characteristic, not necessarily living in the same place. A self-regulating community is a community that is aware of its needs and has the ability to address these needs, using available resources. This community builds a set of strategies to tackle its challenges in order to improve the quality of life of its members.


We work to empower communities to identify their needs and help them develop strategies and solutions to address these needs.


Leverage local resources
Gather & strengthen community involvement
Conduct & rely on research
Develop pragmatic, self-sustainable frameworks
Evaluate effectiveness of strategies & solutions
Build coalitions with stakeholders & relevant experts
Be honest, transparent, and accountable

how we do it


In order to fully understand the community we choose to enable, we constantly conduct in-depth, on-ground qualitative and quantitative research. We allow the community to assess their status quo and evaluate their needs and then allow our experts to analyze the uncovered data.


A responsive, catalyzing framework is built in accordance to the research outcomes, allowing the community to address their own needs. Evaluation of the changes made continuously feed into the strategy in order to ensure that the approach taken is ultimately effective and self-sustainable.


Each project undergone is heavily reliant on PID’s ever-expanding network. Relevant institutions and agents are coalesced, making use of their resources, know-hows, and influences. PID is the agent that brings these players and stakeholders together to facilitate self-mobilization and continuous growth.

Public Sector

Public institutions are vital for the success of many initiatives on the level of policy and governance as well as on the level of local social, cultural, and environmental small-scale interventions. PID keeps public institutions in the loop of events and seeks their support and buy-in to ensure maximum value creation to all stakeholders.

Private Sector

PID is a CSR and CSV consultancy that works with businesses that have or want to have CSR and CSV policies. PID uses its network and on-going projects on one hand, and its value creation practice to align corporate and social initiatives under common objectives, thus ensuring maximum impact and return on investment for corporations.

Academic Sector

PID will partner up with academic institutions such as think tanks and universities to conduct research and analysis, and host academic debates and conferences with the aim to stay up-to-date with academic discourses and push the boundaries of innovation and creativity in public interest.

Civic Sector

PID seeks civic institutions that are working in the same areas that the strategy of intervention is addressing and joins hands with them in research and implementation to ensure high quality of delivery and satisfaction to the communities and the civic institutions.

what we're doing

Innovation Factory Beirut

Innovation Factory Beirut is a reclaimed factory that allows individuals, start-ups, and businesses to collaborate, create, and fabricate. The Factory invites curious, creative minds to help spearhead innovation in Lebanon in an affordable, modular space with inspiring, stimulating facilities. With a focus on technology, design, and fabrication, the Factory works to make your idea a brilliant reality.

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Cluster Development Initiative

There are gaps between design, fabrication, and technology. And this initiative aims to bridge these gaps. By introducing new technologies, materials, and skills to current design, arts & crafts cultures, we can get a sneak peek into the future of design in Beirut.

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In Good Spirit

Diageo Lebanon, in partnership with PID, have launched a campaign to promote responsible alcohol handling in Lebanon. With an integrated campaign along with urban interventions, this CSR initiative celebrates the nightlife community while ensuring Diageo’s global commitments to promote responsible drinking are steadily applied.

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The Neighborhood Initiative

This ongoing project takes two neighborhoods, in the Medawar district in Beirut, as a focal point for research and development. By allowing the locals, themselves to evaluate what needs they have and how these needs can be met, PID launched a series of local-driven ventures that work to gradually enhance the lives of the community.

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Baskil is a celebration of cycling and an opportunity for the public to explore its great potential in Beirut and the rest of the country. The festival is a salute to the bicycle culture, organized by bike enthusiasts and promoters of sustainability and green cities.

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Beirut Cyclehack

As a part of the global “Cyclehack” movement bringing people together to come up with innovative ideas to improve the experience of cycling, PID and local cycling initiatives worked together to get the conversation started about cycling in Beirut. This yearly workshop allows the public to team up, develop entrepreneurial ideas and plans, and discover how to make them come to life.

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DPU SummerLab: Patchwork City

PID, the Development Planning Unit (DPU) at University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, and ALBA’s’ Design Department joined forces to bring to Beirut DPU’s SummerLab workshop. The workshop provided participants with the opportunity to play the role of design consultants for public interest, to enhance social cohesion between the different communities of the Medawar District.

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Urban Upcycling Initiative

The Urban Upcycling Initiative (UUI) works with local communities to improve their public spaces and creates awareness for environmental issues. Through the participative process of designing/upgrading a public space, the UUI creates a feeling of ownership and thus encourages the residents to maintain their surroundings in the future, slowly leading to a better understanding of public spaces. Instead of acquiring the public furniture in shops, the UUI starts a process of upcycling discarded objects and materials. The designs are created with the community members and will be produced in collaboration with local artists and designers.

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Who we have worked with

IZEM is a design and strategy agency based in Beirut. They build brand, product, and service systems around human behavior and aim to enhance businesses and disrupt markets.

IZEM builds a dialogue with clients to bring the future to the present and enrich day-to-day experiences.

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